The focus of this project was to find a sign from the streets and create a visual system based on the intentions. Research as well as divergent exploration and prototype creation were required. It began with the identification, definition and discussion of universal design principles and design systems that serve not only as the bricks for development as a designer, but also as a common language through which we will communicate when we evaluate our work.
Univers Condensed, Rockwell
The Signs of Your Fate
—A Branding Project for a Fortune Teller \\\\\\\\\\
Every now and then I came across this Chinese fortuneteller at the Asian market. He has a photocopied sign, which he changes every year, about the current zodiac animal, and things you should avoid in
that particular year. The sign is so badly designed that nobody
would take a second look. Business was not good, as I never saw
him with a client. My goal was to change that.
Packaging, posters, business set, postcards, website, booklet

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