The purpose of this project was to show gratitude to loyal users of the BAND app. By integrating activities of different groups of users (scouts, marching bands, worship groups, sports teams, etc.), this design is to represent the core of the service: team communication.
It's very easy to adapt this concept and the characters into other forms of deliverables. I have transformed them to banners and email headers to provide a wide variety of applications to serve the marketing needs of the brand.
The World of Isometricity
—2D Characters in a 3D World \\\\\\\\\\
Team communication is very important in most group daily activities.
I chose to create these clean-cut, happy looking characters in brightly colored environment to bring up a sense of harmony. There are not much details on their faces but you can tell they are happy. Each character is different from the next, creating a sense of personality, yet at the same time acting in synch.
Univers, Avenir, Klinic Slab
Postcards, web banners, email headers

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