In this rebranding practice, I was to create a full identity systems with applications across a variety of traditional and digital media for the U.S. Postal Services. I explored the similarities, differences, challenges and opportunities of branding a government owned organization, trying to combine a formal feeling, trust and efficiency with a sense of family.
Book, business set, posters, postcards,
stamps, environment, uniform, truck &
plane, packaging, website, app
The Stream of Delivery
–A Rebranding Project for the USPS \\\\\\\\\\
A red (PMS 186) and a blue (PMS 286) are carefully chosen to serve
as the main colors for this project to represent the colors on the American flag. The fabric is to resemble the postal bag, with brown paper to reflect the material of the package. Waves are decorative elements to represent a cancellation stamp. And finally the logo is in calligraphy, to add a human touch. This creates a clean, modern, efficient, yet warm and friendly new image of the postal service.
Rockwell, Gotham

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